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Animal Cremators can be designed with top loading, side loading or end loading and single or dual loading (single stage or two stage)


Our incinerators include small machines for crematories that deal with small pets such as hamsters, cats & dogs. We also manufacture twin chamber machines that work well with either large animals or while using the twin chambers. Our larger machines are suitable for mass cremation and large crematories. An additional heat recovery system can be added as an optional add-on further enhancing cost and energy efficiency of the system.


The system can be designed to meet any specific emissions regulation and works in Butcheries, Veterinary Labs, Animal Research Centers, Slaughterhouses and Animal Waste collection. Animals such as sheep, pigs, fish, pets, cattle, horses etc can be incinerated using fuels such as diesel, LPG, n-gas or bio-fuels in a brick or cast internal refractory lined chamber.

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