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The CRA Biogas Upgrading System is capable of achieving over​ 98% methane concentration. This is possible with the help of our advanced multi stage membrane process.

The process begins with drying and scrubbing the biogas. Next, the gas is compressed to allow for proper functioning of the separation membranes. This compressed air is passed through multiple sets of membranes separating the gas into <0.5% carbon dioxide and >98% methane concentrations.

We differentiate ourselves by designing and manufacturing in-house. This leads to quick turnaround, high compatibility and customizability. 


  • Highly efficient multi-stage membrane design

  • Containerized or Skid Mounted construction

  • Low maintenance and downtime

  • Low energy and water usage using dry process

  • High methane content in outlet


  • Injection into Natural Grid

  • Compression to Bio-CNG or Bio-LNG

  • Transportation Fuel

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