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Hydrogen Sulphide removal is one of the most crucial processes towards effective utilization of biogas. To that end, we offer a diverse range of scrubbing systems that can be put to use in a variety of applications.


While our Scrubber systems come packaged in our larger systems such as Biogas Upgrading, we also manufacture our scrubbers independently allowing other manufacturers and end users to gain benefits from the same CRA reliability and quality that makes us an authority.


This popular scrubber system is based on caustic (NaOH) treatment at low capital investment.

The system, which initiates the scrubbing immediately, has an almost zero down-time. This quick operation extends its applications to systems where the gases are not available throughout the day allowing for easy on-off operation.

While Biological desulphurization using traditional biological trickling filter has been a proven method to remove high to very high H2S content from biogas, sewer and landfill gas, no other technology is capable of offering our no blockage technology.

Offered in two variants, Classic and Sulphpur®, our system is capable of handling almost all types of scrubbing requirements.


CRA designs & manufactures dry scrubbers to provide clean gases for combustion process.


These scrubber systems use activated carbon which absorbs hydrogen sulphide from a gas by facilitating a chemical reaction in the scrubber tank.

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