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Biological Scrubber technology is the most efficient, cost effective and eco-friendly scrubber technology. Our patented bio-trickling filters continue to outperform others not only in cost effectiveness, but also in performance year on year. We achieve this with a technology that allows for no blockages.

With our manufacturing expertise, and our German partner's (SH SULPHTEC) patented technology, these scrubbers enjoy unparalleled performance with high cost efficiency.


An impossible to block Bio-trickling filter, this H2S scrubber offers low maintenance, running costs and a low down time.


This chemical free scrubber is able to achieve more than 98% H2S Desulphurization in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Our most advanced scrubber, with a patented technology that allows for some of the lowest energy and water consumption figures.

This blockage free scrubber has it all. It converts 80% of the H2S into elementary Sulfur. It has a low oxygen demand, as well as a <0.3 volume % oxygen at outlet.


All these benefits make this the ideal scrubber for Bio-methane plants.

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