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While the traditional biological trickling filter technology has been fairly successful in removing very high H2S content worldwide, the CRA Biological Scrubber is different. 

Our scrubber, unlike our competition is nearly impossible to block. This leads to some of the lowest running costs, and a maintenance free operation reducing down time.


This scrubber achieves all this while still achieving >98% H2S content at outlet. Our technical collaboration with experts at SH SULPHTEC, and our vast manufacturing experience allows us to produce some of the most advanced H2S scrubbers in the world.




  • Environment friendly chemical free technology

  • Low maintenance operation

  • Reduction of more than 98% H2S content

  • Blockage free operation


  • New and existing Biogas plants

  • Landfill Gas Plants

  • Sewage Treatment Plants

  • Paper Mill

  • Waste Recyling

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