We, at Combustion Research Associates, are committed to:


  • Focus on providing high quality and attention to detail in all our products and services

  • Enhance customer satisfaction by maintaining a consistent quality for all our products and services

  • Continual improvements in all our processes through the implementation of quality and environmental management systems

  • Comply with contractual, applicable legal, and other environmental and quality requirements

  • Utilize natural resources effectively, and design for sustainability

  • Utilize our technology to help other organizations minimize pollutants in their processes

  • Communicate its policy to all personnel within the organization, our stakeholders, and the public

  • Establish and review our measurable objectives at regular intervals

  • Ensure participation of our stakeholders to continually improve QMS processes by applying strategic directions against identified process risks


Brijesh Agarwal

Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                                      Last Updated: 01/01/19