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SulphPur® Biological trickling filter is the most efficient, environment friendly, economical and reliable solution for hydrogen sulphide (H2S) removal from Biogas. It achieves this by consuming a very low amount of water and energy.


With patented technology from SH Sulphtec, we are able to convert 80% of the H2S into elementary sulfur, and yet offer a system where a blockage is technically impossible. 

This scrubber can prove to be the most effective solution for bio-methane plants (Biogas Upgrading) as it demands merely 0.3 to 0.5 volume% of oxygen. This low demand leads to an outlet of a highly desirable < 0.3 volume% of oxygen.




  • Patented blockage free technology

  • Low water and energy usage

  • 80% conversion to elementary Sulfur (S)

  • Low oxygen demand and outlet


  • New and existing Biogas plants

  • Landfill Gas Plants

  • Sewage Treatment Plants

  • Paper Mill

  • Waste Recyling

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