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Enclosed Flare system delivered to UPL Engineers Pvt. Ltd. at the Ghazipur landfill site for the fla

Combustion Research Associates successfully designed and manufactured an enclosed flaring system for one of the largest landfills located near India's capital, New Delhi.

Our green solution for UPL Environmental Engineers Ltd. was an Enclosed Flare System with capacity 600 N Cu. Mtr./ Hr. UPL Engineers has been a regular client to Combustion Research Associates and we strive to provide all clients excellent customer service & satisfaction.

This Flare System was supplied on 15-January-2013.

Specifications of the installed System are as follows:

System : Enclosed Flare System

Capacity : 600 N Cu. Mtr./ Hr.

Medium : Bio-Gas

Purpose : Flaring of Landfill Bio-Gas

Update: The system is satisfactorily in operation with no specific requirements in the past 3 years.

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