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Looking forward : New online presence

Since our inception in 1993, one value that we at CRA have strongly believed in is globalization. The diversity and collaboration that this allows for leads to solutions that are far superior to operations that are uncomfortable with these ideas. Keeping our minds open has allowed us to grow tremendously, venture into new areas, and made our team much more capable of handling the toughest challenges that are thrown our way.

In line with this, we decided to update our online presence. Our former domain served us well for a long time, and still redirects to our website. However, we have grown since and so has our web presence.

Our new website, with a more advanced user interface, detailed product descriptions and easier to use contact page now uses the domain that reflects our commitment to using technology to ensure the sustainability of energy. It's easier to remember, to navigate and a more accurate depiction of our ideas and values and we hope that it allows you to get to know us better.

Reflecting back on the 25 years that we have strived to deliver to the best of our abilities, we appreciate all the faith that our partners have put in us. We promise to continue our streak of reliability, efficiency and above all commitment to create long term positive relationships that have allowed us to be at this stage.

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