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Assisted flares are designed to dispose of heavier hydrocarbon gases that have a greater propensity to smoke.

Air Assisted flares use blowers to introduce combustion air into the gas stream as it exits the flare tip. A low-pressure blower blows combustion air into an additional riser forcing air into the flare tip, where this air intermixes with the process gas providing clean, economical flaring, extra long flare tip life and reducing emissions.

Steam Assisted flares use injected steam and mix air into the waste gas combustion zone to provide turbulence and allow for a completely smokeless operation. The system directs steam into the waste gas using central steam spargers, peripheral rings and inner induction tubes (optional).


  • Oil & Gas Fields

  • Chemical Plants

  • Waste Water Treatment Plants

  • Sewage Treatment Plants

Common Applications​


  • Landfill Sites

  • Refineries and Pipelines

  • Food processing

  • Natural gas compression and production

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