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CRA designs and manufactures Multi-Fuel Gas Burners for Boiler and Process heater applications that use fuels such as Natural Gas, Propane, Biogas, LPG, Low BTU gases (blast furnace/coke oven gas) in combination with (LFO) light fuel oils (optional).  Our burners offer high efficiency due to low excess air and FGR in conjunction with low emissions with guaranteed NOx, CO, VOC and particulate emission rates.  With various installations world over, we guarantee a rugged and highly reliable product with advanced part inclusions such as spark ignited pilots and proprietary Burner Management Systems.

Our portfolio also includes packaged burners that offer turnkey solutions with all necessary standard equipment such as Fuel Train and BMS pre-installed. These systems are compact, safe, reliable, easy to install and maintain. 

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Customised & project specific solutions meeting all NFPA requirements

Efficient and well engineered systems offering high turndown.

Compatible with new or retrofit applications

Compatible with a wide variety of fuels such as Natural Gas, Fuel Oils and Biogas offering low emissions

Multi-industry usage for various boiler types such as Packaging, Industrial, Utility

Our Added Value

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